Friday, 27 April 2018

Most popular jobs for mechanical engineering

Here is a list of the most popular jobs for mechanical engineering. If you earn this type of degree, these are the kind of jobs you will find waiting for you after graduating. Hopefully this list will assist with your selection of degree/university as well as help with your job hunt upon graduation from school with your B.TECH ME credentials.
Good luck!

What are the most popular careers for mechanical engineers? Take a look here and see for yourself.

·        Application engineer
·        Automotive engineer
·        Aviation engineer
·        Aerospace engineer
·        Project construction engineer
·        Design engineering manager
·        Energy engineer
·        Field sales engineer
·        HVAC design engineer
·        HVAC mechanical engineer
·        Industrial project engineer
·        Manufacturing engineer
·        Manufacturing plant manager
·        Manufacturing project manager
·        Mechanical design engineer
·        Manager-operations
·        Product design engineer
·        Project engineer
·        Quality assurance engineer
·        Quality control engineer
·        Research and development engineer
·        Testing engineer

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