Saturday, 31 March 2018

Top 60 CSE and ECE Seminars Topics 2018

·        Mobile train radio communication
·        Smart antenna 
·        Embedded web technology
·        Communication network design
·        artificial passenger
·        Blue eyes technology
·        Touch screen technology
·        Traffic pulse technology
·        Pill camera
·        Space mouse
·        Nano-filter
·        Tsunami warning system
·        Smart dust core architecture
·        Aeronautical Communications
·        Fog computing
·        Agent oriented programming
·        Air cars
·        Artificial Eye
·        BIBS
·        Bimolecular Computers
·        BIOCHIPS
·        Biometric technology
·        Bluetooth Based Networks
·        Brain-Computer Interface
·        Li-Fi Vs Wi-Fi
·        Future generation  network
·        White LED
·        Gesture recognition 
·        Cellular digital data packet
·        Higher Layer Protocols and Profiles
·        Swarm Robots
·        Future Satellite Communication
·        3D image technique 
·        Quantum computing
·        Quantum dots
·         Infrared imaging technology
·        Voice recognition 
·        Web based device monitoring
·        Microelectronic Pills
·        Military Radars
·        Android Versions 
·        green house reality
·        Home based wireless system
·        Sun tracking System
·        Cyber security
·        Big data
·        Next generation computing
·        Solar Tower Technology
·        Protection of Distribution System
·        inverter technology for industrial application
·        E-bomb
·        Smart card technology
·        E-mail alert system
·        Artificial Intelligence 
·        Sixth sense technology
·        5G mobile technology
·        Nokia morph technology
·        Helio-display
·        Bubble power
·        Mobile IPv6

Friday, 30 March 2018

Top 8 Technology Trends in 2018

1. Deep learning (DL)
DL is already on the cusp of revolution. They are widely adopted in data-centers and DL is being explored at the edge of the network to reduce the amount of data propagated back to data-centers. Applications such as image, video, and audio apperception are already being deployed for a variety of verticals. DL heavily depends on expeditors and is utilized for a variety of assistive functions.
2. Industrial IoT
Empowered by DL at the edge, industrial IoT perpetuates to be the most widely adopted use case for edge computing. It is driven by authentic needs and requisites.
3. Robotics
Even though robotics research has been performed for many decades, robotics adoption has not flourished. However, the past few years have visually perceived incremented market availability of consumer robots, as well as more sophisticated military and industrial robots. Robotics will additionally incentivize further evolution of ethics.
4. Assisted conveyance
While the promise of plenarily autonomous conveyances has decelerated due to numerous obstacles, a circumscribed utilization of automated assistance has perpetuated to grow, such as parking assistance, video apperception, and alerts for leaving the lane or identifying sudden obstacles.
5. Assisted authenticity and virtual authenticity (AR/VR)
Gaming and AR/VR contrivances have grown in adoption in the past year. This trend will grow with modern utilizer interfaces such as 3D projections and kineticism detection. This will sanction for associating individuals with metadata that can be viewed subject to privacy configurations, which will perpetuate to drive international policies for cyber security and privacy.
6. Ethics, laws, and policies for privacy, security, and liability
With the incrementing advancement of DL, robotics, technological assistance, and applications of AI, the technology has moved beyond society's competency to control it facilely. Compulsory guidance has already been deeply analyzed and rolled out in sundry aspects of design and it is further being applied to autonomous and keenly intellective systems and in cyber security. But adoption of ethical considerations will expedite in many vertical industries and horizontal technologies.
7. Accelerators and 3D
With the cessation of puissance scaling and Moore's law and the shift to 3D, expeditors are emerging as a way to perpetuate amending hardware performance and energy efficiency and to reduce costs. There are a number of subsisting technologies (FPGAs and ASICs) and incipient ones (such as DPE) that hold a plethora of promise for expediting application domains (such as matrix multiplication for the utilization of DL algorithms). Due to its wider diversity and broader applicability of expeditors, it will be having more widespread use in 2018.
8. Cyber security and AI
Cyber security is becoming essential to everyday life and business, yet it is increasingly obstinate. Exploits have become prodigiously sophisticated and it is hard for IT to keep up. Pristine automation no longer suffices and AI is required to enhance data analytics and automated scripts. But AI itself is not immune to cyber attacks. Advanced requirements will be explored to make AI/DL techniques more robust in the presence of adversarial traffic in any application area.

SOURCE IEEE Computer Society