Sunday, 22 April 2018

Employment Profile for a Computer Engineer in 2018

Computer engineers are trained to work as software and hardware engineers. They design, research, develop and test computer systems and ancillaries such as processors, circuit boards, network platforms, recollection contrivances and routers. These engineers innovate and develop software and hardware for advances in computer technology.

Employment Profile 
Computer engineers (After B.TECH)

Understand and apply cognizance of computer science and electrical engineering.

Develop and work with digital technology, in computer networking and computer systems.

Develop computer hardware and design and implement software applications

Use adeptness and erudition in hardware and software design

Work in computer programming to make computing platforms and applications both efficacious and efficient.

Ensure smooth functioning and integration of computer hardware and software.

Keep updates about  latest innovations in technology

Optimize network capabilities and communications systems.

Computer engineers have 2 major vocation options- Software and Hardware engineering.

As hardware engineers they work on computer systems and all components used to make a computer.
As software engineers they test and work with computer programs, applications, network security, mobile and other computer operated contrivances.

They withal work in Robotics, Aeronautic design, wireless networks, sophisticated equipments etc.

Skills required

Ability to work as a component of a team

Problem solving skills


Ability to work long hours at a task

Logical & systematic


Analytical mind

Employment Opportunities
Software developers

Firms installing business systems.

Advertising & Mass Communication

Research Labs

Computer & Technology manufacturers

Digital Consulting firms

Semiconductor companies

Armed Forces



Educational Institutions

Business Enterprises

Top Recruiters
• Google

• Yahoo

• Hewlett-Packard 

• International Business Machines Corporation

• Toshiba Corporation 

• Dell Inc

• NEC Corporation

• Canon Inc

• Apple Inc

• ASUSTEK Computer Inc

• Acer Inc

• Lenovo Group Inhibited


• Sun Microsystem


• Infosys


• Wipro

• Techmahindra

Starting Package
2.20 Lakhs to 8.20 Lakhs per annum or more as per specialization acquired.

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